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    transfer photos from handset to server

    Dear all,

    Is there anyway to transfer the photos taken from the handset to the server?? I would like to let my users to post their photos onto the server and then later for web access.

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    Well, if your Nokia phone can take pictures, then it most likely supports MMS. Using MMS is the only way to transfer content like JPEGs and GIF to a server.

    Using MMS, you could write a terminating application (to run on your server), which would recieve MMS messages. Then your application could extract the photos from the MMS message and insert them into a webpage. This is very easy to create and automate. And, if you create your webpage with XHTML, then some users would even be able to see their photos on the web immdediately after!

    Otherwise, you can use infrared or BlueTooth to transfer images from your phone to your PC locally.

    For more information on how to create MMS messages, check out www.Forum.Nokia.com
    and go to "Technologies">>"Messaging">>"Multimedia Messaging"

    Have fun!
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