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    A Base class access issue


    In my code, I have derived my class from CActiveCommsMobilityApiExt.
    In the ConstructL() method of the derived class, I would like to invoke the ConstructL() method of the base class.
    In the SDK documentation for CActiveCommsMobilityApiExt, it has been mentioned that the ConstructL() method is protected.
    So, I would presume that I should be able to invoke this method from my class method.
    I use the following code in the ConstructL() method of my class:
    RConnection iConnection;
    CActiveMobilityApiExt* basePtr = this;

    For the above code, I get the following compiler error:
    illegal access to protected/private member CActiveMobilityApiExt::ConstructL().

    Any suggestions?


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    Re: A Base class access issue

    Hi Vin,

    I think this will help u sure.

    How to write a derived class with two-phase construction
    This document illustrates how to implement two-phase construction in a derived class with example code.

    When writing a derived class, you must use the derived class ConstructL() to call the correct base class ConstructL().

    Call the base class ConstructL() before the derived-class specific construction starts. This mirrors the action of C++ constructors.

    class CCompoundDerived : public CCompound
    void ConstructL();
    };void CCompoundDerived::ConstructL()
    // own construction

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