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    Thumbs up How to read text with tags inside from an xml file?


    I've this xml:
     <p>Text with <b>bold</b> style</p>
    I'm using QXmlStreamReader to parse the file but i've problems handling the <b> tags inside the text.

    This is my code:
    if (reader.name().compare("p") == 0) {
        //this keeps the text but lost the <b> tags
        elementText = reader.readElementText(QXmlStreamReader::IncludeChildElements);
        //this omits <b> tags but i can't read the text inside <b> Any idea?
        //elementText = reader.readElementText(QXmlStreamReader::SkipChildElements);
    I want keep the <b> with the text or detect it so I can handle.

    Is QXmlStreamReader the right tool?


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    Re: How to read text with tags inside from an xml file?

    readElementText() concatenates element text; "<B>" and "</B>" are element, not text!

    From my point of view for your need using QXmlStreamReader requires more work than using a simple regexps that capture the text between <p> and </p>
    If you want to use QXmlStreamReader than you have to have to create the string "elementText" (that you want to achieve)by yourself running a while to find the start elements, if the name() of the element is "p" then you have to use readNext to get the text (using isChar()) and name of the inner elements with name()..

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