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    Packaged with KuneriLite - one or more SIDs in your SIS file are not valid.


    I've just got an email from Ovi publisher support stating:

    "Unfortunately, we are unable to sign your content because one or more SIDs in your SIS file are not valid.

    Please resubmit using a Nokia assigned UID/SID or contact Ovi Publisher Support at publishtoovi.support@nokia.com to obtain UIDs."

    I've never submitted flash apps to Ovi before, so maybe I'm missing something obvious here.

    I packaged the flash app with KuneriLite using one out of two UIDs I received from nokia support. In SISContents I found three UIDs:
    - my UID,
    - 0x1028315F - Series60ProductID
    - 0x10003a3f - for *reg_rsc file

    I also found those files in the package:


    and none of them contains my app UID.

    Any ideas what is wrong?

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    Re: Packaged with KuneriLite - one or more SIDs in your SIS file are not valid.

    Hi piotro,
    I can see that there is something wrong with your packager or you provide it invalid UID at the time of packaging. Just try to recompile your SWF with Kuneri Lite with the UID provided by Nokia or try some alternatives and check them via SISContent for the confirmation. SID can be seen in SISContent by clicking the .exe or .dll files inside the sis. Few alternatives are :
    1- Flash Lite Online Packager
    2- Helisso
    3- SWF2GO
    The above three tools doesnt need any Symbian SDK for compilation,therefore, they may help u in compiling if ur SDK has some issues.

    BTW, i recommend you to ask Kuneri Lite related queries at their official forum .

    Best Regards,

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