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    Two Command.ITEM on List.IMPLICIT: Does not work in S40 T&T !?

    One of my MIDlets does not work in Series 40 Touch and Type like the Nokia X3-02 (Firmware 05.30).

    The current screen is a List.IMPLICIT = there are a lot of StringItems below each other.
    The user is able to select (OK or tap) one of those items and my default selection command is invoked = commandAction is called with List.SELECT_COMMAND.
    There is another Command with type SCREEN which is mapped to the left softkey.
    So far, everything is fine.

    The problem:
    I have a second Command, this time with type ITEM. However, that command is mapped to the screen. Instead of using it as a Command.ITEM, it behaves like a Command.SCREEN. Selecting this command does not work, because none of the items is selected. I do not have a selected index.

    The same MIDlet works fine in Symbian^3 like the Nokia N8-00. Here, the second Command.ITEM is shown after long pressing (long tapping). That is the behaviour I expected.

    From my point of view, this looks like a bug. Did I miss a trick or a workaround?

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    Re: Two Command.ITEM on List.IMPLICIT: Does not work in S40 T&T !?

    I found several workarounds:
    1. If the user long-taps on a list item, then the default command is not executed. However, the list item is selected. Unfortunately, there is no visual cue. Neither there is a cue to know when tapping was long enough, nor is there a cue to know which item is selected. This works great for personal apps or those with well trained users.
    2. Even if the default select command is not handled in commandAction, the item gets selected. Consequently, a short tap selects the item as well. Again, there is no visual cue about this selection. This would work, if you add an advise: Click an option now, etc.
    3. If there are more than two commands, an Options menu is created. Still that menu items have the problem about selection. However, if the user long taps a list item, all commands are displayed as contextual menu as well (not only item but even screen related one, too). Looks very confusing.
    4. I redesigned my app to avoid this situation at all. There is only the default select command which shows another screen (again a List.IMPLICIT), representing a contextual list of possible actions for this menu item. I replaced the second command.
    Actually my MIDlet got more functionality because of this and is even more useful.

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    Re: Two Command.ITEM on List.IMPLICIT: Does not work in S40 T&T !?

    it might be a bug try reporting because if it was error then same thing wouldnot had work for n8

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