One of my MIDlets does not work in Series 40 Touch and Type like the Nokia X3-02 (Firmware 05.30).

The current screen is a List.IMPLICIT = there are a lot of StringItems below each other.
The user is able to select (OK or tap) one of those items and my default selection command is invoked = commandAction is called with List.SELECT_COMMAND.
There is another Command with type SCREEN which is mapped to the left softkey.
So far, everything is fine.

The problem:
I have a second Command, this time with type ITEM. However, that command is mapped to the screen. Instead of using it as a Command.ITEM, it behaves like a Command.SCREEN. Selecting this command does not work, because none of the items is selected. I do not have a selected index.

The same MIDlet works fine in Symbian^3 like the Nokia N8-00. Here, the second Command.ITEM is shown after long pressing (long tapping). That is the behaviour I expected.

From my point of view, this looks like a bug. Did I miss a trick or a workaround?