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    Problem in the edit box cursor


    In my application I have a edit box with its default cursor . Now when in the portrait mode the cursor blinks properly but when i change to landscape mode sometimes the cursor position changes ,comes down or goes up and there is also a static black line in some portion .as if the cursor is divided into two parts. This is happening only in the device

    But sometimes it works fine. This is happening with the 3rd edition .With 5th edition the transition works fine perfectly. The code being the same.

    Any cause for that or do I have to make any changes. Please guide me.

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    Re: Problem in the edit box cursor

    It would be better if you post your code snippet. You may try this to set the cursor position.

    TInt cursorPos = iEdwin->CursorPos();

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    Re: Problem in the edit box cursor

    thnx dude..it solved my problem

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