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    Autostart problems after enabling phone security settings


    Currently I'm using s60launcher in order to provide user selectable autostart feature for my Qt console applications. I noticed that if I enable either "Phone autolock period" or "Remote phone locking" via phone security settings (both cause Lock code query during startup) my applications won't start anymore. After disabling those options the autostart feature works once again. In addition, I created a simple test application based on this example and same problem recurs:

    .pro file
    symbian {
        TARGET.UID3 = 0x06000001
        TARGET.EPOCSTACKSIZE = 0x14000
        TARGET.EPOCHEAPSIZE = 0x020000 0x800000
        # Define rss file for autoboot
        autoStartBlock = \
        "SOURCEPATH      ." \
        "START RESOURCE 06000001.rss" \
        MMP_RULES += autoStartBlock
        # Deploy rsc file to package.
        deployRscFile = "\"$${EPOCROOT}epoc32/data/06000001.rsc\" - \
        deployFiles.pkg_postrules += deployRscFile
        DEPLOYMENT += deployFiles
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
        QCoreApplication a(argc, argv);
        QTimer::singleShot(30000, &a, SLOT(quit()));
        return a.exec();
    I have been able to reproduce this problem on N8 and E52. On N97 and E51 everything seems to be fine (so far...). However, I think there might be something weird going on with the autostart order or something like that, which makes it work on certain devices.

    Does it sound familiar? Is there any additional way to debug those autostart applications in order to find a cause to this behavior?

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    Re: Autostart problems after enabling phone security settings

    Any comments on this one?

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    Re: Autostart problems after enabling phone security settings

    I have a comment but not necessary knowledge.

    Actually i do not know anything about "autostart" apps, but should
    you use unsigned unprotected E-range (=post Symbian OS v9)
    (0xE0000000 - 0xEFFFFFF = development use only) and sign
    app if needed.

    I think that range 0x01000000 - 0x0FFFFFFF is for pre-v9 usage.
    I was discussing about TARGET.UID3 value.

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    Re: Autostart problems after enabling phone security settings

    hi my name is sylvia ,i found your post after much Googling. i am not a developer but have a nokia N8 with auto start problems .
    my first one had a hardware fault and was replaced but even the new one refuses to auto start apps from ovi store which are set to auto start. i
    had my security settings set as you did, with the lock code ,so i changed them back in hopes that apps would then auto start.
    no such luck. i am at my wits end wondering what settings to use to allow apps to autostart.
    any help or advice would be much appreciated
    i may have to hard reset, which i fear will bring a new set of problems from what i have read re qt libraries being damaged etc.

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    Angry Re: Autostart problems after enabling phone security settings

    Hello Tuomo.
    have you find solution for this problem?
    I m facing the same situation not only on N8 but also on C7 device.
    If user enter lock code just after it is prompted everything autostarts fine but if he will wait for few minutes none of the application will start.
    It is not only problem with my developed applications but also with for example fring.
    Do we have to wait for Symbian to fix it in software update or there is any other way we can use to autostart applications ?

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