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    Question Need help at project - HttpConnection, Encoding

    I would need some help on a current exercise im working on. I want to create a request on our school timetable in javaME, but Im having problems with the encoding (doesnt display öÖäÄ etc.) at the timetable. I also have the problem getting a NullPointerException at the HttpConnection, when I deploy my application on a Nokia 6300.

    I have uploaded my current Netbeans Project on Dropbox. Maybe someone is so kind to look over it. I already spent hours on Google and Forum.Nokia for solutions without any result. The project isnt very big...


    Best regards, martin

    fixed the encoding problem, change datainputstream to inputstreamreader and explicitly added the encoding

    dis = new InputStreamReader(hcon.openInputStream(), "UTF-8");
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