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    problem getting current location on N8

    I am using Nokia qt sdk and n8 device,i have done a sample application in which i am getting current GPS position and printing it in text fields ,,, this code works fine on Simulator but when installed on device (N8), GPS coordinates are not printed,, does N8 is having mobility api,, or i have to do some settings or it is a bug..?? I am not able to resolve it can some one help me on this.


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    Re: problem getting current location on N8

    I don't have links handy at the moment but I've read in some other threads (not in these forums) that the N8 can take up to an hour or even longer to acquire a location signal. That's been our experience with the two N8s we have in our office. :/ Once a signal is acquired, subsequent locks are supposed to be much quicker but we've seen that behavior only sporadically here. Often it's a full hour each time.

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