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    Custom voicemail center

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for information on what is needed to set up a custom voicemail server to use instead of the carrier default. My test handset is a 5800XM.

    I'm assuming the inbound side of a voicemail server is a little special because at deposit time:
    - It will need to capture caller ID (for the 'you were called by XXX' functionality)
    - It will need to capture callee ID (so multiple handsets can use the same access number)

    I believe I should be able to set/clear voicemail indicators via SMS flags defined in 23.040

    The info I'm after is:
    - The relevant spec id/title/publisher
    - Connectivity requirements (analogue modem/ISDN/something else)
    - Details of what needs to be set on the handset :
    --- is voicemail number special, or just a speed-dial entry

    Many thanks,

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    Re: Custom voicemail center

    Hi there, Phil

    You could start e.g. going thru the documentation and instructions behind the link below, and then see if it works for your purposes?


    Best Regards,
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