Hi all, hope you're doing well.
I'm trying to make a notification toast in S60
like this one

After this toast (which is a QLabel) is called to show, the app displays the default soft keys in the menu bar. How do I get it to display QApplication::activeMoalWidget / activePopupWidget / or activeWindow's softkeys/menu bar instead?

I found this code from QDialog
        menuBar = new QMenuBar(this);
and call it right before the toast gets displayed. This works, partially, with the following problems:
-if the application's active window is a QMainWindow, and has a a menu bar, I can't click on the "options" key. (if they were set up as soft keys they would work though)
-while the toast is still open, the active window's menu bar would remain even if you close it, or hide it, until the toast itself is closed or hidden

Please, any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.