Hi Everyone

I am novice in J2ME development.

I use JBuilder 2006 and Sun Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5.2
I use Nokia -2700 model cellphone to run my application.

In my application, I have a Form where there are two commands. In the Form i made a sheet where if FIRE action is performed a field of the sheet would be editable. In this case I think the Middle Soft Key (MSK) would activate the
FIRE action. But in Nokia-2700 cellphone the FIRE action is performed if i press "green send Button". But i need to FIRE if i press MSK not the "green send Button".

How can i solve the problem. Here are some snapshot of my code:

action = getGameAction(keyCode);
switch (action) {

case Canvas.FIRE:

if( sheet.columnEditorType[cursorJ]==Sheet.COLUMNEDITORTYPE_NUMERIC_TEXTBOX)

editCell(cursorI, cursorJ, true);