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    there any way to save the state in blackberry application while minimized

    Hi All,

    I have one issue in my application. I am making one application in J2ME using LWUIT. Now I need to port that application in blackberry. I have used blackberry port for that. Now i Minimized the applicaiton using


    But when the application is again maximized by clicking on the icon, the state of the application does not remain saved. So it goes to the first screen of the application.

    Can anybody tell me is there any way to save the state in blackberry application.

    It is working perfectly fine in j2me application.

    thanks in advance.

    Manish Bansal

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    Re: there any way to save the state in blackberry application while minimized

    I have solved same problem some year ago :-)
    Reason is what BB calls method startApp every time when midlet maximize, but other phones like Nokia calls startApp only one time - when midlet starts. So, add in your startApp method checking is it first time calling startApp or not.
    Hope it will help you!

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