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    Deploy installation error

    Hi everybody,
    I am using netbeans with beta symbian^3 sdk for deply a nokia 6630.
    Everything is ok with the simulator but when I deploy to device (6630)
    it gives me the error:
    installation error, incorrect version
    So, I installed the S60 sdk FP2 platform and I configure the project platform to MIDP 2.0
    an d the deployment is ok and the installation of the MIDlet in the 6630 is ok!

    1) I believe the error comes from using MIDP 2.1.
    Is the use of MIDP 2.1 that causes the deployment error?
    How can I use MIDP 2.0 in symbian^3 (in Netbeans the option is disable)?

    2) if I upgrade the JRT (java runtime) the problem will be solved?
    best regards

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    Re: Deploy installation error

    1) correct, you need to change the project settings (somewhere in Netbeans) to build the MIDlet for MIDP 2.0. If that option is disabled (sounds odd...) then you need to use a different SDK as you have done

    2) You cannot upgrade the Java environment on that phone, so this is a no-go


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