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    Qt Disclaimer required?


    I have read that the following disclaimer is required for Qt applications:
    This item may require a one-time download of components as large as 13 MB. Use of WLAN is recommended.
    Is this true? Because it takes away 103 characters from the 500 characters available for description .


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    Re: Qt Disclaimer required?

    Yes, as ridiculous as the 500 character limit is... it is further reduced if you have used Qt for your app.
    The worst part of this fiasco is we now have our very own Qt content section where they could put the disclaimer but they will fail your content if you don't have the disclaimer in your description, it happened to me just the other week....
    OVI = Anti developer!
    I forgot to mention that you also need the disclaimer translated into any other languages that you have meta data for. Also I have had my content excepted with the disclaimer at the end of my description instead of the ugly warning right at the top of the add...
    And one final thing! I shortened their disclaimer and they still accepted it, here is what my disclaimer says which will free up some valuable characters;
    This item may require a download as large as 13 MB if Qt is not installed on your device.
    Best of luck!
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    Re: Qt Disclaimer required?

    When I uploaded my last apps (some time ago), the disclaimer was added for me.

    Of course, the process can have changed since then...
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    Re: Qt Disclaimer required?

    Hmmm... Interesting....
    Perhaps there is no consistency between the OVI QA staff when it comes to this issue?
    In August when I submitted my first app QA rejected it due to the disclaimer, however I was able to add it without it taking away from the 500 character limit.
    Last month when I had to re-submit the same app to the new Qt section I did not add the disclaimer figuring it wouldn't be required in an actual Qt section. This was rejected because it didn't have the disclaimer, and this time the disclaimer did take away from the 500 characters when I added it.
    The last app I submitted with the shortened disclaimer (I posted below) at the end of the add and the content appears to have passed the QA....
    Who knows?

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    Re: Qt Disclaimer required?

    My content item failed few weeks ago for this reason. I had to add it manually, which meant that my description needed to be shorter, and then resubmit it to QA. Only then it passed.


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