I have created ovi wizard apps for an outdoor activity for multiple locations/states here in the US.

8 apps passed (and are now in the ovi store and getting traffic) and 2 have been rejected.

The 2 rejected apps have identically the same content in the app description (except the state ie
California, Colorado) is different. The RSS feeds 'feeding' them are different.

I have added the legal attribution text as required by the data provided, and have their
permission for use (as long as the attribution is available in the app). As the description/info field
is the only place I can place this info.

The automated response came back as:
FAILED: Metadata Description contains information irrelevant to the content. Please make sure that only relevant information is in the Description.

Emails to publishtoovi.support@nokia have gone unanswered...

Resubmissions of the app with minor wording changes that still meet legal compliance requirements
were also rejected.

Can someone from Nokia intercede here? I would like to offer more states, and complete
the portfolio on the Ovi store, but I am hesitant.