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    Question java.lang.InterruptedException in restaring the GPS!!!

    Hi All,
    I have developed an application to get the coordinates from the GPS.
    I am getting the coordinates in an interval of 3 minutes using timer.
    I am not seting the
    provider.setLocationListener(this, -1, 0, 0);
    while start of the GPS and also not doing
    provider.setLocationListener(null, -1, 0, 0);
    while stopping the GPS.
    And it's working fine for the first time.
    But after stopping the GPS when I am again going to start the GPS then I am getting the
    at com.sun.kvem.location.GPSLocationProvider.getLocationImpl
    at com.sun.kvem.location.LocationProviderImpl.getLocationNoCheck
    at com.sun.kvem.location.LocationProviderImpl.getLocation

    So please guide me how to resolve this issue...

    Thanks & Regards,

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    Re: java.lang.InterruptedException in restaring the GPS!!!

    More optimized way will be to get the GPS co-ordinates using Location Listener, don't go for polling every 3 mins.
    Go Green, Polling every 3 min will be a waste of resources whenever the device is stationary.
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