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    Unhappy INVITE Receive Problem: INVITE Received at SIP STack is not fwd to App


    We are developing a VoIP Application for Symbian Mobile for S60 3rd Ed FP2 OS 9.2.

    We tested it between an Emulator on PC and Mobile Device. When INVITE Request is generated from Mobile Device it is received successfully at Emulator but with same application running on Mobile Device, the INVITE Request generated from Emulator is not properly handled at Mobile Device. The Stack gives 100 TRYING Response to the incoming INVITE and does not trigger the Application. We have tried keep the Resolver Plugin Capabilities for SIP Stack same on both sides i.e Emulator and Mobile Device as the same application is running on both platforms. Can anyone please guide us towards the solution of this problem as it has hampered our progress on its development.

    Our email is symbian2010@hotmail.com


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