I just got a Nokia N8 and I seem to have a couple of issues running applications that I developed (which worked fine on S60 5th Edition devices).

The first application randomly crashes (without showing any errors or exceptions) in the following scenarios:
1. If the screen orientation changes and the application UI has to adjust the new orientation
2. If the user tries to enter text in a TextField.

For the other application, there appears to be an issue with java.util.Timer. I have the following code snippet which is executed when a button is pressed:
if (!timerRunning) {
    timer = new Timer();
    timer.scheduleAtFixedRate(elapseTimerTask, 10, 10);
} else {
timerRunning = !timerRunning;
This works perfectly fine on S60 5th Edition devices but fails on Symbian^3 devices.

Is this a bug with the new runtime? If not, what exactly is the issue here and how can I fix it?