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    Nokia signing and distribution/updates of applications


    Sorry for these newbie questions:
    • I understand that if we use nokia signing (http://www.forum.nokia.com/Distribut..._signing.xhtml) the app can only be distributed through ovi according to the terms and conditions "You are allowed to distribute the Signed Applications solely through the Program" (http://www.forum.nokia.com/Distribut...Publishers.pdf). Could I still however distribute my app packaged with a different UID on other channels, e.g. on a web site, as SelfSigned?
    • I have one app distributed as SelfSigned on a web site, which auto updates itself by downloading and installation the latest SelfSigned sis file. Is something similar possible with nokia signed apps published on ovi store? I suspect I cannot put the nokia signed sis file on my web site without breaking the terms and conditions. Is there a way for the app to download the latest nokia signed sis file from ovi store directly without user intervention?

    Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions!

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    Re: Nokia signing and distribution/updates of applications

    I asked a similar question some time ago to Ovi support. Although in my case, I was enquiring (all in theory as I have not used Nokia free signing yet) about whether removing a Nokia signed application from OVI and canceling the Agreement regarding that application would mean that the app could then be signed normally through Symbian (Express signed, but self-signed could apply), and then be distributed normally, to OVI and other channels.

    I should have mentioned the change of UID too (forgot), although in my mind it was implied as the Agreement is very clear on that.

    The reply from Nokia did not answer the question, and only emphazises points that are clearly stated in the agreement:
    "the key and UIDs provided by the Symbian signing process can only be used through the Ovi store. Should you decide to remove your signed content from the OVi store, the provided certificate, key and UID cannot be used anywhere else".

    I assumed it was probably possible to go for it (even your suggestion, having both the Nokia signed on OVI, and the Symbian signed on other channels AT THE SAME TIME), but I did not.

    It's not a newbie question, I'm not sure that OVI have actually had to face and decide on such a matter so far.
    The point is to know whether the agreement extends to the actual content, or is just limited to the UID/signing.


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    Re: Nokia signing and distribution/updates of applications

    IANAL, just a Panamese law and Austrian insult law buff.

    But, IMHO, if you sign the content yourself using an UID you own, Nokia has no rights to that package.
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