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    Another "no rule to make target" thread

    Seems its obligitory that every person doing Symbian gets a "no rule to make target" build error.
    Been through several other posts but non the wiser on what my problem is.

    I want to build for the emulator, so am doing bldmake bldfiles followed by able build winscw udeb

    First error I get is
    ERROR Unable to identify a valid Codewarrior for Symbian OS installation.

    I know the CW in Winscw stands for codewarrior but I thought that was now a historical ananomly and winscw effectively means the emulator, if that's not the case then what is the build target supposed to be? The help only lists a choice of winscw or cw_ide for non target builds.
    Anyway I don't have CW installed I have Carbide.

    Next there's several "no rule to make target" errors, just taking the first one, it says immediatley before that:

    \s60\devices\s60_3rd_FP2_SDK_v1.1\Epoc32\BUILD\MyProject\group\MyProject\winscw\myproject.winscw ... no such file or directory.

    Which is absolutely correct, there is neither that directory nor file. bldmake bldfiles instead creates the following:

    (plus a bunch of other .makes)

    So why the discrpency, is bldmake bldfiles not creating the correct directories/files, or is bldmake looking in the wrong location?


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    Re: Another "no rule to make target" thread

    Carbide.c++ is a proper replacement of CodeWarrior, just you have to execute "Configure environment for WINSCW command line" from the Start Menu (Nokia/Carbide.c++) to enable WINSCW builds from the command line.

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    Re: Another "no rule to make target" thread

    You can build your project form the carbide itself, you are not required to do it through command line.

    do rightclick on your project-> build configurations->setactive->emulator (Debug)

    your project will be build for the emulator then you can simply run it.

    Have you check this:


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