Hi All,

I am posting it again...

How to navigate the between views in qt I mean how to move from one screen to other and come back to same screen, I tried with stackedwidget, but I would like to know the proper solution.

The requirement is like this

In the first screen will show list of information in list view, and whenever user tap on any row it has to move to other screen which has again list of information in list vie.. like this it goes for three or four levels. form the list screen I need to come back to first screen.

I need to develop for the following devices..

1)N8,5800,N97,N97Mini,X6,5230 640x360
2)E71 & E72 320x240
3)FP2 series(In this series there are more than one devices each having different resolution)

What I supposed to do

Thanks in advance.