As we can create player in three ways.

My queries are below.
1.how to create a player using datasource.?
2 .if we use inputstream,can we open a stream from subdirecory(i.e file:///E:/audio/songs/audio.mp3)?
3.if we use locator
i) http,can we pass url(i.e http://www.player.com/audio.mp3) direct to player(Manager.createplayer("http://....")).

in http connection did the player first download the song and then play?
if there is stream data over http how does it handle?

ii) for file connection i use the path(i.e file:///music/audio/song/audio.mp3) direct to player.did it require slash at the end.

4.how i can play multiple selected song from list?or i have to use two players that switches.

5.If i want to make a stream audio player,which is best
to play stream data direct from http.if yes how?

or using the circularbytebuffer that manages all the things related to buffer.