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    Question S.M.S like Iphone or Windows Mobile ?


    For beguin excuse me for my bad English. I'm French.
    I've just bought my first one NOKIA: E71. It's beautifull, very fluid and successful !
    But I have a question. I was always under Windows mobile, and I shall like knowing if there is an application allowing to have the same menu as Iphone or Windows mobile: sms under the shape of a continuous conversation.

    I thank you beforehand for your reading and your simple answers in English.


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    Re: S.M.S like Iphone or Windows Mobile ?

    Hi Aurann,
    you are in the wrong forum (this is publisher/developers forum and not customer forum)
    But you can have what your looking for on Ovi Store
    check out the lite versions of those apps before you decide which one to download or check out videos of them.

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