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    QML Image: Error decoding


    We have written an application that uses QT+QML and it basically goes into an images folder stored on a N8 phone and is supposed to display jpg images.

    Now the folder where these images are stored is separate from the project folder. So when we build our project the images directory is not included. We have specified an absolute path to the images directory that we are reading from.

    By using debug statements, we can see that our program goes into the images folder and is able to reach the JPG files, but our QML app cannot display the images.

    The error we keep getting is:
    [Qt Message] file:///E:/......./ListDelegate.qml:54:17: QML Image: Error decoding: E:\Images\xxxxxxxxx.jpg: Unable to read image data

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    Re: QML Image: Error decoding

    Could be a forward-slash/backslash thing -- Qt prefers forward slashes but will accept either. But, eg, Sqlite requires backslashes. Probably there are other add-ons that require forward slashes.

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