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    problem with audio !

    hello..im a new user to the forum and also kinda new to programming python for cellphones..

    actually i made a voice messenger for my laptop using pyaudio which works fine ..
    now i wish to make a client side script for the messenger for my cellphone as well..
    in my laptop's script i was socket connection and the audio received was being passed in the form of normal data over the socket...
    how can i do the same using the audio library on my phne..so far i have only seen methods like sound.record() and sound.play()

    following was my code in my laptop client

    							   output = True,
    							   frames_per_buffer = chunk)
    		global wf
    		while 1:
    			if data:
    please help me to convert this so that i can use it torun in my cellphone
    or is there a way i can install pyaudio on my phone ?

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    Re: problem with audio !

    new commers are prolly not welcome here...guess a'll take my question elsewhere...

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