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    SDK api plugin for Nokia QT SDK


    I need to use some Api's which are part of SDK api extension plug. I am using Nokia QT SDK for develloping QT application. Is there a support for Nokia QT SDK to use api's from extensions plug-in ? In my case i can only use NOKIA QT SDk and can not use QT for symbian+ S60 5th edition + QT mobility combination environament.


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    Re: SDK api plugin for Nokia QT SDK

    you could try adding the libararies to the "..\NokiaQtSDK\Symbian\SDK", it would be the Symbian SDK the Qt SDK is using. Anyway, best option would definetely to use actual symbian SDK and use the libraries with it, thus I would recommend on reconsidering on the reasoning on not using the real symbian SDK in there.

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