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    Connection issues/Access Points

    I've written a midlet which makes use of the HttpConnection class. It installs and runs correctly on the Sharp GX10. It will install correctly on the Nokia 7650, but when I attempt to run it it gives the following error...

    "jes-b2-ConnectionsEventServer@1e32user-CBase 63"

    ...? Other forums and posts seemed to point to the fact that it had something to do with Access Points, but none provide a solution. I've ensured that the midlet has a GPRS Internet Access Point set and so on, but it keeps happening.

    Any thoughts or ideas?

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    Make sure you specify for the gateway IP address in your access point configuration.

    I also recommend trying some third-party MIDlets known to work on the Nokia 7650 to help determine whether the issue is with your connection settings or your code. Reqwireless WebViewer works well on the Nokia 7650, so trying it on your device makes a good test.

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    Multi-threading and networking issue with 3650

    After putting long hours for testing it seems that Nokia 3650's virtual machine doesn't handle a second thread for networking purposes without ALLWAYS crashing.

    The error message is as clear as usual and reads like:
    jes-de-ConnectionsEventServer@1.. KERN-EXEC 3

    First it seemed that reading 2kB blocks would work for my program, but after some downloading limit it would eventually crash. This lead me first to believe for external error source like WAP GW or such...

    Does some one know, what kind of testing has to be done for acquiring Sun's compatibility stamp for VMs, or is the testing just so carelessly done or are specs so loosely done, or what??

    For now, stick to one threaded programs and ignore "good" advices.
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    Specifying a Gateway Port


    Is there a way to specify the port to be used on a http gateway ?

    I am comparing response times of a series of successive http requests using different access points from a nokia 7650.
    I am using the orange mib network. I observe that the response times are quite better when using the wap gateway ( than . The only problem being that all headers are transformed by the gateway, as I suppose it "thinks" my midlet is a wap browser and thus the gateway port must be implicitely the 9201 port.

    Now I would like to test the http gateway (, port 8000) . But I don't know how to tell the 7650 to use port 8000 .

    Thanks in advance.

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