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    Regarding Express Signing of sis file

    Hi to ALL,
    I am made an application which is an auto start application and its hidden from the installation folder also. Now actually i want to go for the Express signing of the application from symbian signed. For this i have followed the link on



    My application does not follow some of the test criteria as mentioned in the link
    viz, Test 1, Test 2, Test 5, Test 6.
    So should I apply for a waiver because they are saying that the chances of accepting the application through waiver is also very rare.
    Or should I directly go for the Express signing?

    I need to sign the sis file with Express Signed. So can anyone please suggest me how can i sign the application so that the features mentioned above also works and I can sign it ..

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Regarding Express Signing of sis file

    Yes, you need the waivers. What else have you expected?

    Of course you can go for Express Signed with any kind of code, even non-working one, and it is going to be signed, because it is an automated process. However when the random audit happens to pick your application, you are going to face some problems. As I know the minimum retorsion is that you next two submissions will have to be Certified Signed (with its full price), regardless of the actual requirements.

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