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    why specify 13MB?

    Instead of the standard disclaimer for Qt app - 'This content may require 13 MB download...' has any one tried 'This content uses smart installer & will install only needed component?'
    I find that smart installer generally installs just 6MB component in a non-Qt mobile. 13 MB is never installed even for apps which use pretty much all capabilities. Why should we specify 13MB at all - why can't we just say 'Uses smart installer' ?
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    Re: why specify 13MB?

    Stating the maximum data amount gives some indication to the user how much it might cost. If you don't state an actual number, the user cannot know whether it means a 1KB, 100KB, 1MB or 10MB or 1GB download. If the typical download is 6MB or 10MB or 13MB, I don't know. Only Nokia can tell us why they think 13MB is the magic number.

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    Re: why specify 13MB?

    Probably for legal reasons. 13MB is the worst possible case
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