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    Problem in QMessageBox.....

    Hello friends
    I want to show "about us" dialog in Qt application...
    I am using QMessageBox for this but it doesn't look like symbian MessageQuery dialog...

    1: I have added title with the line msgBox.setWindowTitle(tr("About")); but it doent shows me title in my messagebox.

    2: If I enter multiline text it doesn't shows me scroll bar automatically... the text become hidden after certain limit...

    3: It doesnt remain on bottom of the screen.....

    Is there any way available to show "About us" in a simple messagebox......?

    plz help me.....

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    Re: Problem in QMessageBox.....

    Maybe you could try QDialog and add to it QLabel or QTextEdit with read only mode.

    I think QMessageBox is intented for small query.

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    Re: Problem in QMessageBox.....

    Have you looked at QMessageBox::about() ?

    1. Is still an issue - no support for dialog title for Symbian currently (title is shown in StatusPane) [see http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-4771]
    2. Should work with about().
    3. Hmm. Is this Qt 4.7.0? There was a nasty regression bug in 4.7.0, which was fixed for 4.7.1 that caused all dialogs to be mis-positioned. Though positioning them yourself should still work.

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