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    "Thread has panicked" message when closing the application

    When I close the application from the device (exit button) the next message is displayed

    [Qt Message] loaded the Generic plugin
    [Qt Message] Loaded the symbian sensor plugins
    Process 579, thread 580 stopped at 0x80296bf1: Thread 0x244 has panicked. Category: USER; Reason: 42

    In Forum Nokia Library:

    42 This panic is raised by a number of RHeap member functions, AllocLen(), Free(), FreeZ(), ReAlloc(), ReAllocL(), Adjust() and AdjustL() when a pointer passed to these functions does not point to a valid cell.

    But I don't find any pointer problem in my code.

    It gets ever weirder when I notice that it just happens when I exit pressing the "exit" button from the device, it doesn't appear if I exit from the Qt Creator.

    Does anybody had a similar problem and was able to solve it?


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    Re: "Thread has panicked" message when closing the application

    Your application has a bug in its heap management, and as it's closing down the bug is detected. Most likely you're attempting to free a heap-allocated object twice. This can happen, eg, if you explicitly free an object with a parent.

    It doesn't happen when you exit from Qt Creator because then the app is just killed, vs shutting down normally.

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    Re: "Thread has panicked" message when closing the application

    Thank you, I'll search for it.

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