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    How to ensure ui adjusts to every device resolution

    Hi all

    I have my mainwindow which has a couple of widgets on there (stackedwidget, Lineedit, listwidget, pushbuttons)

    I have set the layout to the Grid layout but the lineedit and listwidget is always wider than the actual screen.

    I am testing on a Nokia 5800.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to ensure ui adjusts to every device resolution

    When you set up your main window in Designer, make it smaller in both dimensions than the smallest screen you'll use.

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    Re: How to ensure ui adjusts to every device resolution

    You can also check the screen size of the device and then use an 'if' statement to make adjustments as needed.
    I used the following code to determine if my app was running on a 3rd edition device and then set the max size of the widgets so they would fit and not break the layout.
      //get screen size
        QDesktopWidget* desktopWidget = QApplication::desktop();
        //get client rect.
        QRect rect = desktopWidget->availableGeometry();
        QSize size(rect.width() , rect.height());
        if(size.width() <= 250 || size.height() <= 300)
    I am not sure if thats the proper method as I am just learning but it worked fine for me.

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