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    How to connect to web services

    Hi to everyone,

    I need, into my application, to call a web services. I don't know how do this. Can anyone link me a tutorial or a good example that explain me how to do this?

    In this forum i have read that i can use gsoap, but when i create and include .h and .cpp file in my project I retrieve 1368 errors.

    I have tried to use wsdl2cpp software but i haven't understood what i have to do and i haven't found a good tutorial.

    I use Nokia QT 4.7 on mac os x 10.6.5

    Please help me.

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    Re: How to connect to web services

    So, no one has any idea how to develop a symbian application that use web services... great

    I see that i can use qtsoap. It's included into qt mobility api 1.1 that i have installed into my environment, but i don't know how to call into my application.
    What do i have to include into my project? What do i have to add into my .pro file?


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