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Thread: save sms

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    save sms

    hi,im developing a project somewhat similar to nokia's messaging feature. i need help on how to save a message to drafts.if you want it to be sent in the future. my goal is to save my created message to drafts or outbox.thanks

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    Re: save sms

    In j2me it's not possible the save message to draft, you can do it in Symbian.
    - Mekal

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    Re: save sms

    yup.what i mean is what is the code to be able to save a message to drafts.im developing a WMA project for a s60 3rd edition phone.i want to know the code on how to save message to drafts.thanks

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    Re: save sms

    As Mekal alrady said, you can't do it in Java at all. If you want to do it using Symbian code, then check the Symbian wiki, and a Symbian C++ messaging forum:



    Both the wiki and the discussion forums have also a search feature, so check out what they find before posting your question.

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