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    HOWTO create sis file for ovi store submission?

    I have been looking through documentation and following links to this then to that and usually end up
    back were I started, can someone tell me what I am missing for my file to be submitted to ovi store please?

    In a command shell on windows.
    run c:\NokiaQtSDK\Symbian\SDK\bin\qtenv2.bat
    This sets my environment up.
    Then in my project directory, in my pro file I have.
    symbian {
    TARGET.UID3 = 0x2xxxxxxx (This is the first of the five numbers I got back from ovi publish with my crt and key files)
    packageheader = "$${LITERAL_HASH}{\"My App\"}, (0x2xxxxxxx), 1, 0, 0, TYPE=SA"
    venderinfo = \
    "%{\"Company Name Pty Ltd \"}" \
    my_deployment.pkg_prerules = packageheader venderinfo
    DEPLOYMENT += my_deployment
    DEPLOYMENT.installer_header = "$${LITERAL_HASH}{\"My-App-Installer\"},(0x2002CCCF),0,46,0"
    I run:
    make release-gcce
    make sis QT_SIS_CERTIFICATE=OVI_12-03-2010.crt QT_SIS_KEY=OVI_12-03-2010.key
    make installer_sis QT_SIS_CERTIFICATE=OVI_12-03-2010.crt QT_SIS_KEY=OVI_12-03-2010.key

    I get myapp_installer.sis and myapp.sis files.
    That all works but is it correct I had to compile it from bits and pieces found all over the place?

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    Re: HOWTO create sis file for ovi store submission?

    Symbian and QT are quite new to me also...

    You probably have already read this page but just in case:


    my pro file have also:

    ICON = icon.svg

    and you have a small typo venderinfo=vendorinfo

    Also the DEPLOYMENT is put together differenly but it may be also correctly done, don't know.


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