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    How to tag pictures and create albums to Photos?

    Hi all
    I have been searching this ages from web/documents, but I can't find anything about how to tag pictures and create albums to S^3 Photos application? Would be weird if there is no API for that. Anyway, if someone knows, please give me idea how to do it?


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    Re: How to tag pictures and create albums to Photos?

    Symbian^3 is open source, and it may contain the Photos application too. http://developer.symbian.org/
    Note that the site is finishing its operations in approximately 6 hours from now (5 pm, GMT, today), so you should act fast. After that they promise some FTP access until the end of March, but the details are not announced yet.

    Checked because an other thread, the Photos is there: http://developer.symbian.org/main/so...ages/index.php

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