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    Question Where the QSettings save ?

    I use QSettings to save something referred user. And I use the code like this
    QSettings settings("organizationName", "applicationName"); settings.setValue(...);
    And I found if I uninstall the app from phone , the QSettings is not deleted .And after I install it again It is also the same settings with last time. I want to remove the settings too if uninstall the app. So where the QSettings file is saved ? Why the settings is not removed after the app uninstalled.
    Any suggest will be appreciate. Thank you.

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    Re: Where the QSettings save ?

    You can use the QSettings constructor variant that takes in a file name to supply it with a path that is guaranteed to be in your private data cage (\private\<uid> directory). For example:
    QSettings settings(QApplication::applicationDirPath().append(QDir::separator()).append("settings.ini"),
    Your applications private data cage is automatically removed when uninstalling the application.

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