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    Unhappy lineEdit and Virtual Keyboard

    when i click on the lineEdit i want to show an only numeric virtual keyboard, how i can do that?

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    Re: lineEdit and Virtual Keyboard


    And welcome to the boards! The magic keyword that helps with this one is InputMethodHints.

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    Re: lineEdit and Virtual Keyboard

    Hello, I also have the same case. I need the virtual numeric keyboard when the user touches the line edit. How can I even show the virtual keyboard? I used this and it's not showing:

    //QApplication:ostEvent(ui->txtDay, new QEvent(QEvent::FocusIn));
    QApplication:ostEvent(ui->txtDay, new QEvent(QEvent::RequestSoftwareInputPanel));

    txtDay is the lineedit control. What am I missing? I'm currently running my program using Qt Simulator in Symbian^3. Target device is N8.

    I've also found this link http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...y_symbian3.zip. I believe that should work for Symbian^3 but nothing happens when I change the text edit. It seems that it can't detect the virtual keyboard hence it's not showing? Is it because I'm only using a simulator for Symbian^3?
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    Re: lineEdit and Virtual Keyboard

    Simulator AFAIK does not have virtual keyboard. Simulator is only having S60-mockup style with your choice of desktop Qt .
    Check how your app behaves in the N8.

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