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    Widget overwrite problem in nokia 5233.

    I have a nokia wrt app.

    When any updates are available, it asks users to get the updates.

    So new widget gets downloaded and overwritten.

    On nokia E63, E71 and other devices, it overwrites the new widget perfectly.....

    But in Nokia 5233 and 5800, it does not happen the same.... After the new update in overwritten....

    Next time when we open the widget, the older version gets open....

    But the Application manager folder in the mobile shows 2 widgets, older and the latest one...

    Why this happens? or Whats the solution?

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    Re: Widget overwrite problem in nokia 5233.

    Hi namit232,

    have you noticed if this happens in some particular conditions (for instance, new and old widget have same version number)?

    Also: which firmwares do the 5233 and 5800 phones have?


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    Re: Widget overwrite problem in nokia 5233.

    Hi jappit,

    Yes, u r right.. i have not changed the version number in the Info.plist file.....
    So i will do that first and check it out...

    But still, even when i havent changed the version number, the widget was overwritten perfectly on some devices...
    On Nokia 5233 (details below), it also asks like, "application already installed, Overwrite?"

    The firmware version details of the mobile (nokia 5233 on which it didnt work) that i have checked is as follows:
    V21.1.102 (17-09-2010)
    Custom version: 21.1.102.C01.01
    Type RM-625 (very latest device)


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