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    Red face Installation speed of a wrt app and database support?

    Hey forum members
    I have an wrt application that consists of 900+ html file, which total size about 2.5MB. I think, because of the total files count installation is so slow. Is there any trick that I can do for speeding up installation?(My phone is Nokia 5800xm)

    My second question is, as mentioned above a have a lot of files which I use them as database. Is there any database support that I can use, like sqlite? I tried XML (and xmlhttprequest object with "GET" method) and loading of file takes too long even for 200kb XML file.

    Thank you...

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    Re: Installation speed of a wrt app and database support?


    That use case sounds more suitable for Qt application, then you could store the data in database.

    Or would it be possible to store the data on the server and download stuff only when needed? That would make your widget just a lightweight frontend to data.


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