i am trying to read out data from the magnetometer with qt mobility framework on my 5800.
but when i access the reading an error occurs. in the simulator everything works fine.
here my code:

In the constructor:

magnetometerSensor = new QMagnetometer(this);

In a timer triggered method:

QMagnetometerReading *magReading = magnetometerSensor->reading();
qreal xMag = magReading->x();
qreal yMag = magReading->y();
qreal zMag = magReading->z();

The error:

Process 13708, thread 13709 stopped at 0x791bd860: A data abort exception has occurred.

It occurs in this line;

qreal xMag = magReading->x();

i am using qt 4.6.3 and qt mobility 1.0.0. The same error occurs when i'm using QCompass instead of QMagnetometer.

thanks and best regards,
ghal maraz