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    how to evaluate mathematical Expression in j2me

    Hi All,

    In j2me i have received some formula String.now i want to parse and evaluate the String...Please help to get this.

    for example, the formula string is : target-status.now, i want the result of target-status.

    is there any third jar file for doing this....

    Please tell me the answer...

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    Re: how to evaluate mathematical Expression in j2me

    given the lack of introspection in java me, you won't get anything that can understand 'target' and 'status' without some help (a table for correspondances, for example). as for the mathematical interpretation it self, the easiest way imho is to use the shunting yard algorithm to get a reverse polish notation stack, which interpretation is quite easy ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shunting-yard_algorithm )

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