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Thread: Help over .?

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    Help over .?

    HI All,
    I am newbie in QT .please clarify me over the following queries.

    1)I want to a group of buttons over an image?
    2)How to set a Header of the widget as an image instead of string

    please help ,its urgent.
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    Re: Help over .?

    You could use the UI designer and simply drag and drop the button into the form. Or use QML and do it like this: http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7.old/decl...utton-qml.html for example.

    Anyway, I would suggest you on going through the basic tutorials, they would get you started pretty well..

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    Re: Help over .?

    If a button (or other widget) is not being managed by a layout manager then you can position it anywhere you want with "setGeometry()". In general you'll want to create the button with its "parent" being the image widget it's to be on top of.

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