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    [Help] J2ME BlueTooth A2DP/HSP Connection Problem

    My demo plays some music with KVM Player. Now I want transport sound to Bluetooth headset(support A2DP & AVRCP). I can find three serive provided by headset. 1, Headset Unit, 2,HandsFree unit, 3,Audio Sink. I tried to connect to Headset and Audio sink. The first method result is connect ok, and received AT+VGS=13, AT+VGM=9 from headset. And in the cellphone Bluetooth device list, indicate the connection between cellphone and headset has been established, but the voice did not transport to headset. I tried send some AT command to headset, and it did not work yet, When I press the button of headset, the sound transport to headset. The second method result is: it blocked at create connection.
    1,Why can’t transport sound to head in my demo automatically but cellphone does?
    2,How I disconnect the connection? I close the connection in demo, but sound remain from headset, but cellphone does

    The description Chinese as follow.

    求助 J2ME连接A2DP/HSP问题
    我的DEMO使用KVM播放音乐,现在我想将声音输出到蓝牙耳机上(支持A2DP & AVCRP)。搜索蓝牙耳机之后,找到了三种服务,分别为Headset unit, Handsfree unit和AudioSink。我试着连接headset和audio sink,结果如下:
    1, 连接Headset提示连接成功,从耳机接收到AT+VGS=13, AT+VGM=9,从手机系统设置->蓝牙->匹配装置列表中看到手机已经和耳机连接上了,但是声音并没有传到耳机。我试着向耳机发送AT指令,但是也没有用。最后按下耳机接听键之后,声音才传到耳机上。
    2, 创建连接时阻塞了,根本无法创建与audio sink的连接。
    1, 我该怎样做才能使音频自动传输到耳机,为什么手机连接就行,而我创建的连接就不行呢?
    2, 我该怎么断开音频连接,手机可以断开连接,但demo中将建立的连接close,声音还是从耳机发出
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    Re: [Help] J2ME BlueTooth A2DP/HSP Connection Problem

    what is your device? what does all these non-latin characters mean?

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