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    Need help regarding video recording

    Hi All,
    I'm using the fallowing code to launch the camera for video recording

    TBool fileCreated = nfsc->NewFileL( KUidCamera,
    ETrue );

    Is this the right way to proceed with the video recording????
    if it is How to save the video file that is created???
    If I launch the camera using above API,by default the duration of the video we can capture is only for 1 min. how can I change this?
    I'm new to symbian can anyone please help me with this?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Need help regarding video recording

    with Qt, you should actually check the Camera API from the Mobility 1.1.0. I'm assuming that the nfsc is the symbian new file service API, thus it would be better to use Qt specific one instead.

    Anyway, I would suppose the nfsc used there, is giving access to the normal video recorder applciation, thus all limits posed with normal video recording would be on effect, as well as if I remember right, it will automatically save teh video if user decides to do so, and you will be then given the filename after user exits the video recorder.

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