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    how to set the Menu on Nokia Device

    Hi Guys.

    I got a problem with setting the menu on mobile devices.

    That's the code i used in my "Mainwindow.cpp" :

        // Options Menu
        QAction* options = new QAction(tr("Test Select"), this);
        QMenu *menuOptions = new QMenu(this);
        menuOptions->addAction(tr("Test 1"), this, SLOT(showIndex()));
        menuOptions->addAction(tr("Test 2"), this, SLOT(showIndex()));
        // Exit Action
        QAction* exit = new QAction(tr("Test Exit"), this);
        connect(exit, SIGNAL(triggered()), this, SLOT(showIndex()));
        // #if defined(Q_OS_SYMBIAN)
        // Set Soft Key locations
        // QAction::PositiveSoftKey = Left Soft Key
        // This will set the left soft key menu
    //    options->setSoftKeyRole(QAction::PositiveSoftKey);
        // Add Actions Direct to dialog
        // QAction::NegativeSoftKey = Right Soft Key
        // This will set the right softkey caption and action
    When I start the simulator, it shows the right captions, but doesn't work, if i click on it.
    I used the "showIndex()"-function in the Slots just for testing the menu.

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    Re: how to set the Menu on Nokia Device

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    Re: how to set the Menu on Nokia Device

    That's a good article, however it doesn't mention Simulator and its problems with displaying menus. If you search this forum you'll notice it's a common problem.

    See QTSIM-61 for more details.

    Trafix, your code should work when run on a device (except that 'exit' action won't show up as it has no softkey role). However, I suggest that you use QMainWindow's own QMenuBar instead, as in the article linked to by miksuh (How to create a menu). By doing this, your menu actions will appear in the simulator's control window, under 'Application' - even though it doesn't look right in the simulator itself. But at least you can test the functionality of those actions.

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