Hi Folks,

I am using an Animated Gif file using QMovie, QLabel and QDialog, to show Wait/Busy Icon while traversing from one screen to another ( in case if the transition takes more time to switch over from one screen to another ).

I am using setModal( true ) and open() methods of QDialog to show this Animation gif, so that user cant interact during this process of transition from one screen to another….

In case if i use these methods to enable “ApplicationModal”, in some other screen, where we are handling “key_Right” and “key_Left”, these keyevents get multiplied/added up depends upon the number of times this Animated Gif is shown through this QMovie, QLabel, QDialog …. Key_Right fires twice ( on single key_right press ) in case if i show the Animated Gif once… and it fires thrice, in case if we show the Animated Gif again… and so on ….


between transition from screen_04 to screen_05 we are showing this busy/wait icon ( since it takes quiet some time for transition ) and in screen_02 we are handling the event filter method... after showing the busy icon we are deleting the QDialog which handles the busy icon....

So in case, if we show the busy icon once, and if we go back to screen_02 to do some other work using "key_Right" and "key_Left", these key events gets fired twice... and if we show the busy icon twice, these key events gets fired thrice and goes on....

we are actually using done( int r ) method and Qt::WA_DeleteOnClose to delete this Animated Gif using QDialog….

is it a bug or do we need to set some attributes for the QDialog?