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    Unhappy Delay updating content


    One month ago, I decide to turn my application Pocket's Wedding Album free with ads support, so I changed the my .sis file and the content to free price. The price was updated, but the content file wasn't. So, few days later I decided to send an e-mail to publishtoovi. They told me that the content update could be delayed 6-8 business days. So I just waited and the downloads started to grow up ( 1 thousand per day ), then I decided to turn back the app to paid.

    So, I'm here, still waiting for some update, with my app reaching 4500 downloads per day and I'm asking to myself "how the guys from Nokia can turn the publish assignment to 1 euro (trying to get more publishers) when you can't even support the previous publishers?"
    Atila Correia
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    Re: Delay updating content

    That's unfortunate. A work around would've been to publish a separate ad-supported version and leave the original as it were. That way people can check the app for free and if they want they can buy a add-free version... Of cource the update process should work, but I just wanted to point out the hassle-free alternative...

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